Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning Guide


Winter has finally faded and spring blossoms are blooming. While it might look fresh and bright outside your home, if you haven’t done a deep spring cleaning, your interior is likely suffering from a gloomy, cold weather hangover. Deep cleaning is a great opportunity to refresh your interior and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of Vancouver’s seasonal change, inside and out. Here are some essential spring cleaning tips.

Why Spring Cleaning is Important

Spring cleaning creates an organized environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy your interior spaces and spark creativity, relaxation and to spend time together. Imagine how much clearer your thought processes will be when you can find everything you need easily, and you can spend your time sitting in a comfy chair sipping tea and thinking about new ideas without clutter and grime weighing on your mind! Your allergies will thank you, because a home free of dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold is a healthier environment. What spring cleaning means is that you and your family will be able to enjoy a welcoming, tidy environment. Multiple studies show that a clean home makes people happier. A clean home also helps you relax, gives you a sense of satisfaction, and will put you in a good mood.

When to Start Spring Cleaning

When should you start your spring cleaning to do list? The sooner, the better. Without a good spring cleaning guide, there’s always something that needs to be done, and it never ends. The earlier you begin your spring cleaning, the earlier you will finish and be able to move on to activities you enjoy.

Spring Cleaning Your House

Spring Cleaning Checklist For All Rooms

The best approach to spring cleaning is to get all the basic cleaning that every room needs before you begin tackling individual projects. Here are the tasks you will need to complete in each room.



  • Dust all surfaces- I prefer a damp cloth and a dry for best results.
  • Don’t forget to clean molding, trim, door frames, baseboards, and window sills
  • Clean fingerprints and dirt off of walls
  • Clean lighting switch plates
  • Wipe down doors and clean all mirrors and picture frames with a microfiber cloth
  • Dust and clean all lighting fixtures
  • Dust and wipe down ceiling fan blades and lights
  • Clean blinds and draperies
  • Sweep or vacuum, then mop all floors
  • Clean windows inside and out, and wash screens

Room By Room Cleaning

checkboxBedroom – Wash all linens, including pillowcases, pillow covers, comforters, and duvet covers. Vacuum the mattress with the upholstery attachment and turn over. Replace heavier winter linens with lightweight linens suitable for spring. Place pillows outside in the sun to freshen them up before replacing the pillowcases and making the bed.


checkboxLaundry Room – Organize the laundry detergents and toss empty bottles. Wipe up any spills. Clean the exterior of the washer and dryer and If your washing machine has a sanitize cycle or clean cycle turn it on. Clean out the lint trap on dryer, and check the dryer vent as well.


checkboxKitchen – Vacuum out drawers and cupboards to remove crumbs, then clean behind the oven and refrigerator. Sanitize your cutting boards with lemon and salt, and then wipe down wooden cutting boards with food-safe oil. Run your dishwasher on the hot cycle and for my home I purchase “finish” a dishwasher cleaner. Check your garbage disposal for any food particles, and then turn the hot water on. With the water running, add a quarter of a lemon one piece at a time for a fresh-smelling disposal.

How long has that Tupperware been in the fridge? Do you even know what that weird package is in the freezer? Toss any food that is older than a few months. Wipe down your refrigerator’s interior with baking soda, and replace the open box of baking soda you should have in there with a fresh one. Now is a great time to clean your pots and pans, too. Wear rubber gloves and use some Bar Keeper’s Friend and some elbow grease to get them shining inside and out.


checkboxBathroom – Nobody likes doing it, but spring cleaning means getting your toilet sparkling clean, too. Use a brush and cleaner to really clean under the rim and in the bowl. If there are hard water deposits at the water line you can try baking soda or Zep cleaner to get rid of it. Check the grout around the tub and shower, and treat with a mold cleaner if necessary. For spots on glass shower walls and doors I like Barkeepers Friend, the cream version. Check your medicine cabinet and drawers and toss any products that are expired. Wash all your towels and replace them with clean ones.

Spring Cleaning is Hard Work!

Spring cleaning may be a lot of work, but the peace of mind it brings is worth it. If you’re not feeling up to getting down and dirty and putting in a lot of elbow grease, call Top Hat Cleaning today. We’ll breeze through your checklist in a flash and leave your home refreshed and rejuvenated. Do you need a really deep cleaning? We specialize in providing top-quality housekeeping services Vancouver that every resident can rely on! We’re your Vancouver cleaning company — There’s no job too hard for our cleaning crew. Contact Top Hat Cleaning today, and let us make your spring cleaning dreams come true.