Deep Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Clients ask how often they should deep clean their home and unfortunately there is no one answer for that. Every home and every family is different and your cleaning routine will greatly impact how often your home needs a deep cleaning. Cleaning is also a matter of preference and comfort level, but if left too long it can take a lot more time to get caught up making a lot more work in the long run. I personally prefer one big clean once a month and if that is not possible for your family then at least every 2-3 months.  


  1. Regular Deep Cleaning vs housekeeping 


What is the difference between housekeeping and a deep cleaning? When we go into a home for housekeeping we are doing regular household chores like cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, dusting and counters and the outside of appliances and cabinets etc., but when we go into a home for a deep cleaning it is full top to bottom cleaning of each room.  It’s an extensive clean and similar to our open house clean – see our list online.


What we offer 

Our deep cleaning is just that! A deep clean with old school methods and we do not use swifter’s. We use a pail, clean water, product and good old fashioned elbow grease to deep clean your home. We hand wash baseboards and trim, doors, door casing, light switches and move sofas and furniture (within reason) to clean under or behind and a more extensive cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms are just a fraction of what we do for a deep cleaning.  


  1. Get professional seasonal upkeep


Apart from regular housekeeping, hiring a professional cleaning service in Vancouver every few months will definitely keep your home well maintained and looking it’s best and staying on top of the dusting will also help with dust mites and other allergens. 


  1. Advice on Deep Cleaning 


I’ve seen advice on cleaning the toilet in one room and then running to the next bathroom to do the same and I personally wouldn’t use that approach. I  start in one room and to finish it top to bottom before going to the next. Start along one wall and go high to low and vacuum your baseboards before hand washing. Have your supplies ready including a bucket with cleaner, microfiber cloths and several for drying. I use a crazy amount of cloths when cleaning. 

 Here at Top Hat Cleaning we offer quality cleaning services along with easy booking and a 24-hour no-hassle guarantee. Our professional housekeeping services in Vancouver ensure that your home is cleaned thoroughly and without any corners left untouched. We would be happy to help you with your cleaning needs.  

 We specialize in providing deep cleaning services in Vancouver, such as open-house cleaning, moving-in-and-out cleaning, and housekeeping services. Also, you can check out our back to school cleaning tips on our blog page.