Daily Housekeeping Tips

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Daily Housekeeping Tips

Keeping my house clean and organized on a daily basis is not easy, but when I follow my own housekeeping tips it keeps me happier and my house healthier and clean and my home a lot more enjoyable to be in.

Daily Housekeeping Tips

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog about housekeeping tips that I make my bed as soon as my feet hit the floor. That’s still true, but this morning as I woke I became aware of some of the cleaning tasks that I was doing without really thinking about them.

  1. This morning I realized I did not have cleaning supplies upstairs aside from my cleaning cloths and this is a no no if we are going to stay on top of housekeeping. Keeping supplies under the sink prevent the “I’ll do it later scenario”.
  2. I know this is terrible but sometimes I will do smaller loads of laundry to stay on top of it. For whatever reason I hate the mountain of clothing I pull from the dryer and I am more likely to put them away immediately when it’s a smaller load.
  3. For the garbage in the bathrooms upstairs I keep trash bags (kitchen catchers) upstairs in my closet and empty as required.
  4. For cleaning mirrors and glass people tend to think more product the better. This isn’t true and will make your mirrors streaky especially when the sun is shining. I like a squeegee or I use microfiber cloth with water or if dirty the smallest amount of Dawn dish soap to clean.
  5. I do prefer to vacuum daily and keep my floors clean but if it doesn’t happen today then I make sure it happens on the second day.
  6. Keep counters clean daily


Another great way to stay on top of housekeeping is to constantly purge. A houseful of too much stuff makes it a lot more difficult to keep things clean and looking organized. Keep a basket by the door or at the bottom of the stairs and if you are not using it or have outgrown it donate it- weekly! There are many organizations that could use gently used clothing such as mental health or transition homes or homeless shelters or small thrift stores in your area. Think of all the good you will be doing and have the kids involved in donating.

Housekeeping service

Sometimes cleaning tips are just not enough and with busy schedules we need the extra help. Top Hat Cleaning is available for housekeeping services in Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver area Monday to Friday. Deep cleaning and one time cleaning services are available daily. If you want to get more cleaning tips like how to clean ceramic glass stove tops, just check out our blogs here. For more information and a quote, please call or email.Ā