Housekeeping For Cancer Patients

Top Hat Cleaning partnered with Cleaning For A Reason in 2019 to provide free housekeeping for cancer patients in Vancouver.

Why Cleaning for a Reason

At Top Hat Cleaning our goal is to help cancer patients with their housekeeping, keeping their focus on their recovery and spending time with family and friends.

Joining Cleaning For A Reason allows “us” to help families during an emotional time and is a way for us to give back to our community.

Removing housekeeping from the list of stresses is something “we” can do. In life my motto is – if we can help someone along the way, we should!


Free Housekeeping

We will provide two free housekeeping services to clients per month for two consecutive months. Depending on your circumstances it can be extended based on your circumstances. Please contact Cleaning for a Reason to set this up.

My personal Story

In 2017 I lost my husband to cancer and personally understand the struggle of the “family” and the challenges we face being caregivers, mothers, working outside the home and trying to manage a household. I had never felt so overwhelmed by the endless responsibilities and I struggled to find a balance of  navigating our new normal. A clean home gives me a sense of calmness and removes some of my anxiety and it is the last thing anyone should have to focus on. For my clients I pray for a happy outcome and I am here to help.

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