Tips For Keeping A Clean Home

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Tips For Keeping A Clean Home

Tips for keeping a clean home

There is nothing that makes me happier than a clean home and I can’t emphasis that enough! When my family asks what I would like for Mother’s Day, my birthday or any special occasion my answer is always the same. I don’t need a sweater or a fancy bracelet or expensive perfume – I only want and need a clean house so don’t make a mess and pitch in.

A clean home changes how I feel about my day and my surroundings and when things get behind or the kids clean their room and empty their bedroom of dirty dishes and dump them in the sink there is nothing and I mean nothing that can change my mood so instantly. A little much? Maybe – but it is me and a clean home really does impact my mood. I love reading about tips for keeping a clean home as there is usually something I can learn and put into practice. If you want to get some winter cleaning tips wisdom from us, just check out our blog page to know more.

One of the things I like about cleaning is that I/we can walk into a home and we can change things for you in as little as a visit. Sometimes people have depression or a disability or they have a life and prefer to spend their summer outdoors or perhaps they are selling or moving and feeling overwhelmed. Seniors and families also need a hand with keeping their home clean. I like that we can help someone with their challenges and make life a little easier. The feeling of the before and after is as good as ice cream on a hot sunny day.

Tips for keeping a clean home 

If you can hire a cleaning service for a complete reset for a clean home then save yourself the time and energy and call for a housekeeping or a complete once over.  If that is not a luxury you can afford right now then take a tip or a two and implement them into your new clean home schedule. My method of clean home is to start in one room then go on to the next.

Too much house and not enough time? Start in one room and in one corner and go around the outside of your room eventually making your way to the middle. Don’t forget the ceiling fan. The amount of dust on the ceiling or walls created by a ceiling fan that has not been cleaned is quite shocking and will make a lot more work for you in the end so spend the few minutes and clean the ceiling fan.

  1. When your feet hit the floor in the morning make your bed – no exceptions. When you return at the end of the day from work and walk into your room it’s such a nice feeling
  2. I keep cleaning cloths in my bedroom closet and a couple times a week I dust off my dresser and my night stand and if I have a glass from the night before it immediately goes downstairs in the dishwasher.
  3. For my bathroom I do my best to keep it clean during the week and wipe the counter /sink two or three times a week and once a week for the inside of the toilet.
  4. At the end of the week I do a once over on my room and bathroom and it literally takes no time at all because I’ve spent a few minutes here and there and kept it up.
  5. I have an upstairs vacuum and downstairs vacuum. Not because I have a huge home but because it makes it’s more likely that I will vacuum more since I won’t be hauling a vacuum up and downstairs.
  6. I change my bedding weekly – who doesn’t love clean sheets.
  7. Empty the dishwasher during commercial breaks
  8. Set a time for a family tidy. I tell my boys that if we all spend 15 minutes cleaning that is 45 minutes of work together and then we can enjoy the day.
  9. For cooking I clean as I go because I know it makes it easier. No one wants to clean after making a big family dinner and especially after a large meal.

If you have two floors or more in your home tackle one floor at a time. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy after work or on the weekend and tell myself ok just the upstairs today and it makes it easier mentally knowing that I don’t have to tackle the whole thing.

Chore charts never worked in my home, but car keys or cell phone use or spending money was one way to get the boys involved in cleaning.

Always vacuum baseboards and have a bucket with cleaning supplies and microfiber cloths readily available cleaning. 

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