3 Moving-in Tips for an Easy Transition to Your New Home

Parents following 3 moving-in tips in their new home while their children hold moving boxes

3 Moving-in Tips for an Easy Transition to Your New Home

Moving into a new house can be exciting. Whether you are relocating because of marriage, a new job, or a new school, it’s time for a fresh start. But before your exciting journey begins, you may feel a little stressed packing, loading furnishings and personal items into the moving truck and cleaning your old place and possibly your new house too. To help you have an easier time transitioning to your new property, here are 3 moving-in tips that you should follow:

3 Moving-in Tips for an Easy Transition to Your New Home

1. Be organized when packing

Moving homes can be exhausting. You might be tempted to simply throw everything into a box and deal with it at the other end, but it will make your unpacking process more stressful and time-consuming at the end. After all the hard work that goes into moving that’s the last thing you need.
The best way to pack is to organize and label. It will simplify your life at your new place. Label your boxes or colour code them according to the room it belongs in such as bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living room etc., you get the idea. For new parents or parents with small kids I find having a backpack or a box with essentials for the “littles” will save your sanity! You might also consider packing a box or two with must haves to get you through the first night and don’t forget the tissue. If the new home you moved into was previously cleaned, then great- you are one step ahead. I still like to make sure that when I put things away the shelf or space is cleaned again and disinfected. It provides me with a whole lot of inner peace. No mess- no stress for this mama!

2. Clean as you unpack

Packing materials, luggage, and boxes make a mess once they are offloaded and unpacked. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is my new place littered with empty boxes and so as I unpack, I flatten the box and make a stack or immediately place in recycling. If your boxes are in excellent shape and you prefer, list on Craigslist or Marketplace and save someone the time and trouble of hunting for moving boxes and potentially helping someone that might not have the means. If your new place wasn’t precleaned pull out your cleaning box and a microfiber mop, cloths and a vacuum and clean as you unpack if that’s an option. Personally, I prefer to have my new place cleaned and disinfected top to bottom before I move my family into a new place, but I do know that life doesn’t always go as planned and it isn’t always possible.

3. Hire professional cleaners

Turning your new house into the home of your dreams can take a while. It sometimes takes weeks to unpack, arrange every item, place the furniture and décor where you want them, and make other necessary changes to achieve the look and feel you want for your property. Since you still have other responsibilities, like working or getting your kids into school, it may take a while before you can call your new space your home.
The good news is that you don’t have to deal with all the cleaning on your own. If you have enough money in your budget, opt to hire professional move-in cleaners to take some of the stress out of your life.
Hiring good house cleaners will make the move in process easy and stress free. Sit back, relax, take care of the “littles” or take some “me time” to destress and leave the cleaning to your team! You will come home to a sparkling clean, and fresh-smelling house; all you have to do is unpack. If you want to read more about move out move in cleaning, just go and check out our blog now!


With these 3 moving-in tips in mind, you can focus on the new home, trades for installs, children, the office, your “to do list” or simply explore your neighborhood. Hiring cleaning professionals will have your home move in ready in less than half the time.
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