Cleaning during a heat wave

move out and move in cleaning

Cleaning during a heat wave

Cleaning during a heat wave

Cleaning during a heat wave? Are you kidding me? Today is my day off and I used the heat as my excuse not to do laundry. I don’t know about you, but this heat wave is something else and hopefully I can toss in a load this evening when it cools down. As for finding another air conditioning unit it’s a lost cause and finding a fan anywhere in store just isn’t happening. You can find one online, but it ships in 10 days. Well that simply won’t do, will it?

The weather is sure screaming “Summer is here” isn’t it? I would say so and cleaning the house during a heat wave isn’t how most of us envision spending the Summer. Thankfully hiring a cleaning service is easy and you can enjoy the Summer and you won’t melt doing your housework.

Why Hire Top Hat Cleaning ?

When you hire Top Hat Cleaning, we are hands on and do not subcontract work. This keeps me in charge of the quality of cleaning we provide, and I do value the work we put out. To me it’s important that my clients are happy and isn’t something I just say. For those clients that have used our cleaning services I value that they can trust us, and they don’t have to worry about their cleaning session.

We do everything from house cleaning services to one time cleans that included move in cleaning, move out cleaning, open house cleans and renovation cleaning. We have been in business for 15 years, are licensed, insured, BBB Accredited and registered with Workers Compensation.

When you hire Top Hat Cleaning you can expect to receive quality cleaning, reliable service and guaranteed results.

For the best results, reliable cleaning and cleaning services 7 days a week please call 604-710-4488