Move Out Move In Cleaning

Move Out Move In Cleaning

Move Out and Move in Cleaning 

Check List 

I receive client calls asking what they can do to prepare for their move in or move out cleaning ? If you have booked a move out cleaning and have been provided a move out check list please cross check with OUR  list on our website.

If you need a service not listed on our move out cleaning or have spaghetti sauce all over the ceiling please call and I would be happy to discuss it with you 🙂

What Can you do to prepare for cleaners

  •  If you DO NOT  have self cleaning – please spray the inside of the oven with Easy Off Oven Cleaner (any issues please call me and we can facetime if we need to)
  • If you are moving in and do not have access to the home prior to your move in cleaning we will do the best we can with your oven .
  • Do your drip pans (Stove top) have a heavy build up? PLEASE put them in the oven and spray them too. If using self cleaning DO NOT turn the oven on – Yes I have been asked this !
  • Please remove ALL trash from the suite. Unfortunately we don’t have a place to take garbage .
  • If you require the wall and floor to be cleaned behind your appliances we kindly ask that you pull them out and we would be happy to clean this for you.
  • If for any reason your movers did not arrive and your home is not moved out please call us in ADVANCE. We can not provide a move out clean if your home is packed with boxes and furniture. Let us discuss solutions!~

Upon Arrival of your cleaning team 

  • Your cleaners will wear as mask and we kindly ask that our clients do too.
  • We have a rule of two per elevator please
  • We ask that you NOT remain in the suite during the move out or move in cleaning

 Do I have to return after the move out or move in clean?

  • We will provide you with a 30-60 minute window to return to the suite
  • If you can not return before your cleaning teams completes your cleaning, it is ok. Let us know how to lock up .
  • We stand behind our cleaning service and our reputation and will return within 24 hours to fix any issue. We want you to be happy!

Have questions?

Please contact us at Top Hat Cleaning 7 days a week


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