Move In Cleaning Services Vancouver

Spare yourself the hassle and let Top Hat take care of  your move in cleaning services Vancouver

Vancouver’s Top Hat Cleaning Services will ensure that your new home is thoroughly cleaned moving day.

We provide a complete move in cleaning services Vancouver that focuses on deep cleaning and disinfection. We have over 25 years of residential cleaning experience and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today!


Clean inside and outside of kitchen cabinets/drawers and disinfect
Disinfect counters and back splash
Disinfect sinks
Polish faucets
Wash floor and hand wash under cabinets
Clean stove, oven, fridge (inside and out).

Please note: Customers must turn on self clean on oven or spray the night before.

Move fridge and stove to clean the floor and the surrounding walls (when requested client must move )
Clean microwave and dishwasher inside and out
Disinfect and clean light switches
Clean and disinfect baseboards
Clean window sills & windows
Disinfect door knobs
Disinfect and clean door frames
Hand wash floor


Disinfect baseboards and shelving
Clean windows and window sills ) Extra charge for corner unit or loads of windows) Please ask for a quote. Thank you
Remove cobwebs
Clean outside of fireplace
Vacuum carpets and edge
Wash and disinfect floors
Clean patio door window inside and out (extra charge for additional windows on patio)
Clean and disinfect all built in shelving
Disinfect all electrical outlets and switches


Clean windows and window sills
Disinfect the inside and outside of machines
Disinfect light switches and door knobs
Disinfect doors and door frames
Disinfect baseboards and cabinets
Wash, disinfect and vacuum floors
Disinfect electrical outlets and light switches
Remove lint from dryer vent and wipe


Clean and disinfect door knobs, face plates and baseboards
Clean and disinfect doors and door frames
Clean window and window sills (If you have a Corner unit or loads of windows please ask for a quote). Thank you
Disinfect shelving
Remove cobwebs
Wash and vacuum floor
Disinfect light switches, heat registers and electrical outlets


Disinfect sinks
Scrub and disinfect toilet, tubs, and showers
Disinfect wall surrounding the toilet
Clean and disinfect the medicine cabinet, inside/outside of vanity and bathroom cabinets and or shelving
Clean mirrors
Polish chrome & fixtures
Vacuum and hand wash floors
Disinfect doorknobs and faceplates
Disinfect baseboards
Disinfect door and door frame
Clean windows and window sills
Vacuum and disinfect ceiling vent


We guarantee a stress free cleaning service.  For your peace of mind, Vancouver’s Top Hat Cleaning Service has a 24 hour no hassle guarantee.